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Vrtrum Memberships


Enhanced Visibility

Social media posts, website features, and newsletter mentions, help boost your business's visibility among the community.

Tailored Support

Dedicated customer service, personalized resources, and assistance in navigating industry challenges.

Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive discounts from affiliate partners or the organization itself, providing cost-saving opportunities on products, services, or events.

Networking Opportunities

Frequent access to events/classes, creating valuable networking opportunities with other businesses.

Marketing Opportunities

Monthly classes and features in newsletters provide opportunities for businesses to showcase their expertise.

Professional Development

Classes/workshops, beneficial for professional development for individuals and businesses.

Memberships are billed monthly and offer a discount when purchased for the entire year. The tiered structure allows businesses to choose a level that suits their current needs, providing a scalable solution for different stages of growth.

  • Basic

    Every month
    • One social media post per month.
    • Showcase your business in the 'Vrtrum Vendors' section.
    • Access to affiliate discounts.
    • 10% off all Vrtrum services.
    • Updates on upcoming events.
  • Pro

    Every month
    • One social media post and one story per month.
    • 15% off all Vrtrum services.
    • Access to upcoming events and opportunities to fill spots.
    • Mention in the monthly newsletter.
    • Increased visibility in the 'Vrtrum Vendors' section.
  • Elite

    Every month
    • Mention in the monthly newsletter.
    • 2 posts + 1 reel + 1 story/month
    • Featured in a monthly newsletter.
    • 20% off all Vrtrum services.
    • Early access to events and available spots.
    • Free monthly classes for professional development.
    • Premier listing in the 'Vrtrum Vendors' section

(Purchase a full year and get 15% off)

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